Tips on How To Choose Your Folding or Collapsible Bike

With such a wide range of folding bikes to select from, it’s really a difficult task in hand. Simply from top brands alone, many shops carry a wide range of wheel dimensions, folding mechanisms and folding systems. For leading brands there are no less than fifty to sixty models of folding bikes to select from. The figure itself is mind boggling. For the normal individual, selecting a foldable bike is really a difficult task. However, following these few pointers, selecting a folding bike will be a breeze.

Basically, the main thing begins with YOU, that is what is your purpose in buying a folding or a collapsible bike.

Safety of rides should be the primary concern. Be certain that the latches of all foldable parts are well designed and can be securely latched. Just a few tips here to help narrow down with your final choice:

Your Needs Vs Fancy Features

When considering one, keep in mind the basic rule of thumb, the 80/20 ratio. Extra emphasis is place on those items that you really want most and little on those mechanism that you seldom use. Everybody has diverse requirements,

so there is no one type of foldable bike that suits all the different requirement. However it is possible to reduce the various option to fulfill your selection. The essential things which have to be considered are the types of folding system, riding comfort, your budget as well as your own personal preference.

Cycling Comfort

For most of the time you will be peddling on the bike, hence the seat option is a significant consideration. Ease of ride and comfort and sitting down position are all essential factors to note. Select a bike that offers you many adjusting options. A properly fitted bike can result in less strain on your limb joints and will ensure greater enjoyable experience.

Visit A Reliable Vendor

Who else can provide you with good advice on the particular type of bike that best suits you? Definitely, the vendor who is experience, knowledgeable and has a wide range of leading brands and designs to enable you to compare

models and test ride. So check out the right bike shop is important. Go for a reputable vendor which can give you good advice, have experience staff, right tools and equipment to provide after sale service and maintenance as the bike needs regular tuning and adjustments during continuous use. Prior to the visit, a little research on the different brands, models and reviews of the foldable bike may very well be valuable while at the shop later.

A test ride is important to help you check out on the riding, comfort of seat and posture after adjustment to the optimum height and reach of various models. Get a feel of the bike as it is going to be your close companion for a long time.

Your Need for A Folding Bike

The first thing in picking your folding bike is usually to decide what type of riding you intent to use. Is it for recreation, traveling, errands or for sporting activities?

Choose Your Wheel Sizes & Gear System

Folding or collapsible bikes come in different wheel sizes. Popular brand like Dahon bikes come in few different wheel options: 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch. These dimensions could impact on the riding behavior and ease of moving around your bike.

16 inch diameter wheel size – Is light and compact when collapsed and suitable for taking in public transport. However, there will be a compromise for compact size and riding comfort. Comfort for taller riders would be a drawback on longer distance. If compact-ability is your requirement then this may well be your choice.

20 inch diameter wheel size – advantage of performance and compact when folded. Bike with this size delivers comfort and efficient in ride and also ease of transporting when folded.

24 & 26 Inch diameter wheel size – a normal size bike that gives foldability as well as efficient performance. Take advantage of this full size bike if you need a bike that gives you both performance and looks of a normal full size bike

but come with folding option.

Single or Multi-Gear – Single gear bike offers comfortable ride on level track but it is cheaper and easy to maintain. Multi-gears provide ease of cycling over hilly ground with the different combinations of the gears. However, the bike will be more pricey and requires skilled mechanics and costly to maintain.

Accessories to complement your purchase

Finally, after you have made your final choice on the type and model of the folding bike, you have to choose your accessories to complement your selected bike. For safety, select components that are sturdy, durable and light in

weight. Bearing in mind that the better the accessories the greater is the ride and comfort. Once you have chosen your bike, you proceed to choose on basic equipment, safety accessories like helmets, front and rear lights, bells,

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Not many people know, but there are some major gaming companies which pay people good amount of money to understand what they think of their games/products. They pay you to understand what makes you buy a particular game or product or what you think about their offerings. They count on your opinions.

So, if you want to know ways to make money working from home playing video games, then looking around for opportunities for video game tester, beta tester or survey taker may prove useful for you. These options are found with market research firms as well as game companies. Now you may ask what exactly you are expected to do. Here is the answer.

Make Money Playing Video Games from home
Whether you are interested in a full-time job or earning extra cash, you can choose any of these options to bag $5 to $150 in a day:

• Playing new and latest games
• Trying new gaming consoles, controllers or other products
• Taking part in focus groups
• Participating in online surveys
• Reviewing new games
• Previewing new movie or game trailers

Wondering what skill set you need to have to land a good opportunity in this area?
There is no doubt that you have to be good at playing video games, but this isn’t all. Companies give you money to test their games, to pay attention to details and to identify if there are any bugs. In case you come across any bug, you have to record its exact details and report them to the concerned person/ authority.

Are you cut out for this interesting job?
If the idea of getting paid for playing video games and that too from the comfort of home excites you, then, of course, you are meant for this job. However, just remember whatever decision you take is influenced by your love for video games more than anything. Once you take your call and get started, there will be no looking back.

You may not earn fat checks, but yes, this may make your life turn around the most fascinating way. You can enjoy your pizzas, burgers, drinks and play video games to live a tension-free life, a life that many dream about, but only a few get the chance to revel in it. So, if you think you can make better use of this opportunity, then get started! By Bright Usoh

Drinking Games While Watching Movies

Do you like drinking games? Here is a great excuse to drink and watch movies at the same time; games that involve movie scenes, movie themes and catchphrases. This is perfect when you have a drinking party at home but you must remember to have A LOT of alcohol or else the game stops completely. Surely after one movie is over, your pals will be clamoring for another movie and of course another round of fun drinking games! Here are the most popular movies watched as friends play this equally popular game:

1. The James Bond movie game – this game is perfect with beer while others also enjoy a classy glass of martini. As you watch any James Bond movie, every time the name “James” is mentioned, everyone takes a sip and when the name “Bond” is mentioned, take two sips. When the entire name “James Bond” is mentioned, drink three. Everyone will surely cheer as James says “My name is Bond, James Bond.”

2. The Happy Gilmore Drinking Game – stars Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen, this movie is not only a lot of laughs but also a lot of drinks! Drink every time Happy Gilmore loses his temper or when Happy talks to his mentor Chubb.

3. The Elf Game – stars Will Ferrell; Christmas parties at home could never be better with this festive game. Take a shot every time buddy mentions or screams Santa. Every time the phrase “Christmas Spirit” is mentioned, take a shot. You may also take an extra shot each time Buddy breaks something.

4. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Game – stars Jim Carrey, it’s another perfect drinking game for holiday parties. You won’t just end up tipsy but after the game, you will surely be too hammered as you take a shot every time the word Who- is mentioned. Just imagine how many drinks it will take when everyone in Whoville starts to sing!

You can basically make a drinking game out of any movie and make a lot of drinking fun as you do it. Another variation of this game is to play the Actor-in -Movie game; this game starts when a player mentions an actor’s name then each player must think of a movie that this actor is in. when a player fails to mention a movie, he has to drink; then the game begins with another actor’s name.

Another variation is to watch live sporting events that could be very hard to determine when the words or phrases are said. While watching NASCAR, each time the announcer mentions phrases like “The car is tight” or “The car is hot” everyone takes a shot. Double the shots when the words drive shaft, gears. yellow flag and horsepower are mentioned.

Try this game in other sports like baseball, hockey, formula one, tennis, basketball and of course where beer and alcohol is celebrated, football. You may play this sports drinking game at home with your friends or when you are out in a bar drinking while watching a game.

Goalsetter Aqua System Basketball Hoop

Basketball is a very entertaining sport, and people play every change they get during their day. The Goalsetter Aqua System is a stainless steel basketball system that is made for those of us who don’t just want to play on the basketball court. This swimming basketball hoop gives us a reason to get in the water. This swimming basketball hoop has been incorporated in hundreds of water parks throughout the country, and this water basketball hoop can be used in a person’s home swimming pool as well.

The double ring static rim is a hot dip created to complete this pool side system. The Goalsetter Aqua System is well suited for any pool location. This aquatic basketball hoop has a compression height adjustment mechanism, a 32 inch by 48 inch backboard that is 3/8 inches thick. The backboard is an acrylic backboard that is a stainless steel H frame backboard. It has a 2 ½ inch extension from the pole to the backboard, a 4 inch square stainless steel pole system, a hot dipped galvanized double ring static rim, and best of all it has a one year limited warranty.

Swimming and playing basketball at the same time is a great way to provide the body with exercise. When you swim in water, your heart gets a good exercise. When your heart is exercises, the body’s circulation is improved and this strengthens a person’s immune system. The Goalsetter Aqua System basketball hoop can also help build stamina and strength for the tasks people have to take on during the day, and it just makes you body overall fit. A swimming basketball hoop is a great investment because the money you spend on getting this swimming basketball hoop will give you positive changes to your well being.

Combining the game of basketball with pool is just fun and it makes for a great day that gives your backyard a lot of versatility. Poolside basketball hoops help to add creativity to exercising. This swimming basketball hoops are usually purchased for family fun. Quite honestly, having the Goalsetter Aqua System basketball hoop can give you a phenomenal reason to party with family and friends. Read below for more information on this basketball hoop. With its 36 x 48 inches backboard and patented external compression height adjustment system, the Goalsetter Aqua System is well suited for any pool location.
• Product Details:
• Compression height adjustment system adjusts from 6′ to 10′
• Galvanized Rim
• 36 x 48 x 3/8 Competition Acrylic Backboard
• 5 square structural steel pole system
• Hinged stainless steel ground anchor system